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Tampere Living Lab Awareness Event: A ride into cooperative, connected, automated and mobility

IN2CCAM’s first Awareness took place last 12 June in Tampere, Finland. This event served as an opportunity to connect with stakeholders and project partners and present the project’s progress, technologies, and anticipated outcomes.

An immersive experience

The event commenced at the VTT Office, with presentations by Living Lab partners VTT and Business Tampere. The City of Tampere provided an overview of the city’s commitment towards smart and sustainable mobility with initiatives like commitment is exemplified by initiatives like “Carbon Neutral Tampere 2030” and “Data-Driven City for Citizens,” solidifying its position at the forefront of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

This event transcended the traditional lecture format, offering an engaging experience. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in demonstrations of these cutting-edge mobility solutions, gaining firsthand insight into these innovations.

Following the welcome, the event moved to the VTT Laboratories for a deeper dive. Guests could explore closer the CCAM innovations deployed and tested in the Living Lab, focusing on three key scenarios:

    • GLOSA technology: This technology empowers autonomous vehicles (AVs) with real-time traffic light data, enabling them to optimize speed and ensure smooth traffic flow.
    • Tram-AV interaction: This scenario showcased how AV shuttles receive tram location data to avoid obstructing these critical public transport systems.
    • Enhanced road safety: Witnessing how AVs leverage sensors to detect hazards and communicate them to other vehicles and transportation management systems.

The program included a visit to the VTT Remote Operation Centre (ROC) where attendees witnessed firsthand a digital twin used to monitor the AV fleet. Participants took a ride on the Auve Tech AUNE autonomous shuttle.

The day concluded with a ride on a fully automated public transport shuttle integrated into Lempäälä’s regular schedule. This real-world example underscored the practicality and public acceptance of these emerging CCAM technologies.

Looking Ahead
The Awareness Event coincided with the IMAGINE 2024 conference, a business-focused showcase of groundbreaking metaverse technologies. During the conference, VTT and Business Tampere presented their vision for utilizing the metaverse for remote operation of automated fleets and introduced the Tram Warning System for automated shuttles.
The next Awareness Event will take place on 28 June in Trikala, Greece. Local authorities and stakeholders are invited to gain insights into the innovative CCAM services and technologies that Greek partners e-trikala and ICCS deploy.


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